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Jason Simon (Dead Meadow) August Aussie & NZ tour

Posted in news on August 27, 2011 by heathenskulls
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Thanks to everyone that came out and support Jason Simon on his very first Australian solo tour, which so happened to be his first solo tour anywhere in the World. The only way to see more international artists like Jason Simon tour our great land, or should i say for Heathen Skulls to keep touring more artists, is by supporting your local live music scene! Go see as many shows as you can, buy their merchandise, support these artists so that they feel welcome touring here, with your support they can financially justify coming back. So yea, thanks to those that made the effort, i really appreciate it.
Heathen Skulls
Jason Simon, best known for his acclaimed work as the guitarist and singer for the highly regarded Los Angeles based heavy psych band Dead Meadow, has, to much delight of his fans, finally recorded his debut solo record. This self-titled offering has been released on the renowned East Coast stoner doom / psych label Tee Pee Records.

Whilst building up an electrified body of work with Dead Meadow, Jason has slowly but surely been crafting his skills as an impressive acoustic solo artist, which has since earned him a vast array of critical acclaim, not to mention further respect as a valued singer songwriter.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Sandy Bull, Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt, Jason has ingeniously blended his signature vocal style with that of laid back acoustic folk, which has ultimately created a sound that’s entirely his own, and one that’s undisputable recognizable.

Jason’s debut offering is a stripped down and intimate record filled with intricate guitar work and poignant well-thought lyrics.  Some songs are filled with dark brooding drones, whilst others leisurely carry the listener down meandering rivers as they slowly develop in their own unhurried way. This album is a serious body of work that remind the listener that heavy doesn’t always come from loud distorted guitars and huge pounding drums, but comes from the depth within the song itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in Australia, I present to you, Jason Simon!

Jason Simon, Good Hope Road film clip

Jason Simon, Lets Begin film clip

Jason Simon, Live at Vacation Vinyl in Hollywood




Sunday 21st: Auckland, New Zealand @ Wine Cellar (Next door to the Whammy Bar)
With special guest Fleur Jack + guest DJ’s
Tickets available through:

Wednesday 24th: Melbourne @ Polyester Records, City
FREE live in store  @ 5:30pm

Wednesday 24th: Melbourne @ Toff
Doors: 8:00pm / Tickets $20 + BF
w/ Lower Plenty & Immigrant Union (Dandy Warhol’s drummer)
Tickets available from the Toff in Town:

Thursday 25th: Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club
Doors: 8:00pm / Tickets $20 + BF
w/ Matt Bailey & Matt Walker
Tickets available from Corner Hotel box office :

Friday 26th: Adelaide @ Ed Castle
Doors: 9:00pm / No pre-sales, door sales only
w/ Lady Strangelove + Like Leaves

Saturday 27th: Brisbane @ Tyms Guitars
FREE live in store @ 5:30pm start, this for all those attending Jason’s show @ The Old Museum!

Saturday 27th: Brisbane @ Old Museum
Doors: 8:00pm / Tickets $20 + BF
w/ Matthew Somers & Robert MacManus
Tickets available from The Old Museum:

Sunday 28th: Sydney @ The Annandale Hotel
Doors: 8:00pm / Tickets $20 + BF
w/ Margins + Immigrant Union (Dandy Warhol’s drummer) + Blackie (Hard Ons solo)
Tickets available from The Annandale:

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