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Crime and the City Solution announce Aussie tour!

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Crime and the City Solution poster
Crime and the City Solution
Crime and the City Solution are with out a doubt one of Australia’s most undiscovered artists. After a 21 year hiatus, which saw the band end prematurely in 1991, Crime and the City Solution are finally back. To coincide with their return they have a comprehensive compilation available of their classic recorded period (The Berlin years, 1985 – 1990), with plans for a new album in the works, also, they’re touring Australia this February 2013!

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Monday 18th: Melbourne @ The Hi Fi
w/ SLEEPY SUN (USA) & New War
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Thursday 21st: Sydney @ Hi Fi Bar
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Sunday 24th: Brisbane @ The Hi Fi
w/ SLEEPY SUN (USA) & Blank Realm
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TICKETS on sale Monday 17th of December!

Crime and the City Solution perform Six Bells Chime in Wim Wenders 1986 film Wings of Desire

Crime in the City Solution performing Steal to the Sea – Live in the 80’s

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Canada) NZ Tour Feb 2013

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NEW ZEALAND shows nearly SOLD OUT! Get ticket immediately!
Godspeed You! Black Emperor

HEATHEN SKULLS & UNDER THE RADAR proudly present Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Montreal, Canada) & Michael Morley (The Dead C)!

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Godspeed you! Black Emperor are a musical collective that rose to prominence in 1994, via their own record label Constellation records, as a fresh voice is the somewhat stagnant, and very much derivative, industry labeled, post rock scene. Their name was taken from a 70’s black n white documentary about the notorious Japanese biker bang the Black Emperors.
Godspeed you! Black Emperor are with out a doubt one of the truly original artists of their genre, a ground breaking musical force that have pushed the envelope of the sonic stratosphere to the next logical level. Through the use of film projections and music as a cinematic accompaniment, they have single handedly broke down all the barriers set before them and gone far beyond the limited scope of what being in a band could possible mean.
After a string of highly acclaimed studio albums, all of which help set new standards in post rock and instrumental music, Godspeed you! Black Emperor went on hiatus so that their various band members could explore new territories in their countless other musical endeavor, some of which being A Silver Mt Zion, Set Fire to Flames, and Fly Pan Am.
In late 2010, after a 7 year hiatus, Godspeed you! Black Emperor has returned to the stage. With a new studio album released “Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!” Godspeed! You Black Emperor have been consistently presenting performance around the globe, most notable curating All Tomorrows Parties in the UK in 2011.
In February 2013, for the first time EVER, New Zealand will finally get to experience Godspeed you! Black Emperor, with very special guest (opening both shows), Dunedin’s own, Mr Michael Morley (The Dead C).

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FRIDAY 8TH OF FEBRUARY @ Kings Arms Tavern – Auckland
Tickets: SOLD OUT
A limited amount of tickets will be made available on the door! Get there early, or miss out!!!!!!!!
SPECIAL GUESTt: Michael Morley (The Dead C / GATE, Dunedin)

SATURDAY 9TH OF FEBRUARY @ The Hunter Lounge (At Victoria University) – Wellington
This was originally at: San Francisco Bath House
Tickets: More tickets have been released, Under the Radar – Buy Tickets HERE!!!!!
SPECIAL GUESTt: Michael Morley (The Dead C / GATE, Dunedin)

A Place to Bury Strangers (New York), January Aus/NZ Tour!

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Now on the road, and BLOWING minds across Australia!

Haling from Brooklyn, New York, A Place To Bury Strangers are an uncompromising noise rock power trio that create lush sounding, dense layers of atmospheric and harmonious noise that best resembles the like of The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Suicide, Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, and various other like minded genre defying cult artists. If you want to talk genres, they’ve been described as post punk and shoe gazer sounding, which I’m sure in the eyes and ears of their devoted fans barely scratches the surfaces of where they’re really at, sonically speaking of course.

Since their inception in 2001, their first show being in 2003, Oliver Ackermann remains the only consistent member from the original line up. Starting off on drums, Oliver now fronts the band as their guitarist and vocalist, whilst running his own guitar effects company and music venue, both titled Death By Audio.

APTBS (as they’re commonly referred to) have recorded two full length studio albums and countless EP’s, their first three EP’s (Red, Blue, Green) were later compiled and released as a self titled album’s worth of material, so in a sense, they’ve actually recorded / released three studio albums.

After melting minds at sold out shows across the globe, not to mention playing every note worthy festival imaginable, two of which being All Tomorrows Parties and Primavera, APTBS have built up an incredible loyal hardcore fan base.
After their critically acclaimed 2nd album Exploded Head, which is a personal favorite, and one that kept them on the road for the greater period of two years, in early 2012, APTBS finally released their 3rd album WORSHIP, which was accompanied by the EP Onwards to the Wall (which features Allan Bickle of Baroness on drums), both releases were hailed in the press, and worshipped by their fans.

With a new rhythm section consisting of New Zealand’s Dion Lunadon (formally of D4) on bass and Robi Gonzalez on drums, Oliver has taken the post punk attack of APTBS to the next logical level, and with undisputed critical acclaim, they’ve successfully has won over a legion of new fans.

In January 2013 APTBS will finally return to Australian shores, they’ll also be hitting New Zealand for the very first time, where they’ll be playing the Auckland leg of the Laneway Festival.

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Australian / New Zealand tour, January 2013

Friday 18th: Perth @ The Rosemount
w/ French Rockets + Antelope
Tickets from buy tickets here

Saturday 19th: Adelaide @ Jive Bar
w/ Ride into the Sun + Damned Men
Tickets from buy tickets here

Sunday 20th: Melbourne @ Corner Hotel
w/ PEARLS + special guests
Tickets from buy tickets here

Monday 21st: Canberra @ Transit Bar
w/ PEARLS + special guests
Tickets from buy tickets here

Tuesday 22nd: Wollengong @ Barcode
w/ PEARLS + special guests
Tickets on sale soon!

Wednesday 23rd: Brisbane @ The Zoo
w/ PEARLS + The Rational Academy
Tickets from buy tickets here

Thursday 24th: Byron Bay @ The Hotel Great Northern
Tickets on sale soon!

Friday 25th: Sydney @ Oxford Arts Factory
w/ PEARLS + Dead Farmers
Tickets from buy tickets here

Saturday 26th: TBC / TBA

Sunday 27th: Wellington, NZ @ San Francisco Bath House
w/ Von Thundersvolts + The Body Lyre
Tickets from buy tickets here

Monday 28th: Auckland, NZ @ Laneway Festival
Tickets from buy tickets here

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