Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Canada) NZ Tour Feb 2013

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NEW ZEALAND shows nearly SOLD OUT! Get ticket immediately!
Godspeed You! Black Emperor

HEATHEN SKULLS & UNDER THE RADAR proudly present Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Montreal, Canada) & Michael Morley (The Dead C)!

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Godspeed you! Black Emperor are a musical collective that rose to prominence in 1994, via their own record label Constellation records, as a fresh voice is the somewhat stagnant, and very much derivative, industry labeled, post rock scene. Their name was taken from a 70’s black n white documentary about the notorious Japanese biker bang the Black Emperors.
Godspeed you! Black Emperor are with out a doubt one of the truly original artists of their genre, a ground breaking musical force that have pushed the envelope of the sonic stratosphere to the next logical level. Through the use of film projections and music as a cinematic accompaniment, they have single handedly broke down all the barriers set before them and gone far beyond the limited scope of what being in a band could possible mean.
After a string of highly acclaimed studio albums, all of which help set new standards in post rock and instrumental music, Godspeed you! Black Emperor went on hiatus so that their various band members could explore new territories in their countless other musical endeavor, some of which being A Silver Mt Zion, Set Fire to Flames, and Fly Pan Am.
In late 2010, after a 7 year hiatus, Godspeed you! Black Emperor has returned to the stage. With a new studio album released “Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!” Godspeed! You Black Emperor have been consistently presenting performance around the globe, most notable curating All Tomorrows Parties in the UK in 2011.
In February 2013, for the first time EVER, New Zealand will finally get to experience Godspeed you! Black Emperor, with very special guest (opening both shows), Dunedin’s own, Mr Michael Morley (The Dead C).

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FRIDAY 8TH OF FEBRUARY @ Kings Arms Tavern – Auckland
Tickets: SOLD OUT
A limited amount of tickets will be made available on the door! Get there early, or miss out!!!!!!!!
SPECIAL GUESTt: Michael Morley (The Dead C / GATE, Dunedin)

SATURDAY 9TH OF FEBRUARY @ The Hunter Lounge (At Victoria University) – Wellington
This was originally at: San Francisco Bath House
Tickets: More tickets have been released, Under the Radar – Buy Tickets HERE!!!!!
SPECIAL GUESTt: Michael Morley (The Dead C / GATE, Dunedin)

A Place to Bury Strangers (New York), January Aus/NZ Tour!

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Now on the road, and BLOWING minds across Australia!

Haling from Brooklyn, New York, A Place To Bury Strangers are an uncompromising noise rock power trio that create lush sounding, dense layers of atmospheric and harmonious noise that best resembles the like of The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Suicide, Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, and various other like minded genre defying cult artists. If you want to talk genres, they’ve been described as post punk and shoe gazer sounding, which I’m sure in the eyes and ears of their devoted fans barely scratches the surfaces of where they’re really at, sonically speaking of course.

Since their inception in 2001, their first show being in 2003, Oliver Ackermann remains the only consistent member from the original line up. Starting off on drums, Oliver now fronts the band as their guitarist and vocalist, whilst running his own guitar effects company and music venue, both titled Death By Audio.

APTBS (as they’re commonly referred to) have recorded two full length studio albums and countless EP’s, their first three EP’s (Red, Blue, Green) were later compiled and released as a self titled album’s worth of material, so in a sense, they’ve actually recorded / released three studio albums.

After melting minds at sold out shows across the globe, not to mention playing every note worthy festival imaginable, two of which being All Tomorrows Parties and Primavera, APTBS have built up an incredible loyal hardcore fan base.
After their critically acclaimed 2nd album Exploded Head, which is a personal favorite, and one that kept them on the road for the greater period of two years, in early 2012, APTBS finally released their 3rd album WORSHIP, which was accompanied by the EP Onwards to the Wall (which features Allan Bickle of Baroness on drums), both releases were hailed in the press, and worshipped by their fans.

With a new rhythm section consisting of New Zealand’s Dion Lunadon (formally of D4) on bass and Robi Gonzalez on drums, Oliver has taken the post punk attack of APTBS to the next logical level, and with undisputed critical acclaim, they’ve successfully has won over a legion of new fans.

In January 2013 APTBS will finally return to Australian shores, they’ll also be hitting New Zealand for the very first time, where they’ll be playing the Auckland leg of the Laneway Festival.

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Australian / New Zealand tour, January 2013

Friday 18th: Perth @ The Rosemount
w/ French Rockets + Antelope
Tickets from buy tickets here

Saturday 19th: Adelaide @ Jive Bar
w/ Ride into the Sun + Damned Men
Tickets from buy tickets here

Sunday 20th: Melbourne @ Corner Hotel
w/ PEARLS + special guests
Tickets from buy tickets here

Monday 21st: Canberra @ Transit Bar
w/ PEARLS + special guests
Tickets from buy tickets here

Tuesday 22nd: Wollengong @ Barcode
w/ PEARLS + special guests
Tickets on sale soon!

Wednesday 23rd: Brisbane @ The Zoo
w/ PEARLS + The Rational Academy
Tickets from buy tickets here

Thursday 24th: Byron Bay @ The Hotel Great Northern
Tickets on sale soon!

Friday 25th: Sydney @ Oxford Arts Factory
w/ PEARLS + Dead Farmers
Tickets from buy tickets here

Saturday 26th: TBC / TBA

Sunday 27th: Wellington, NZ @ San Francisco Bath House
w/ Von Thundersvolts + The Body Lyre
Tickets from buy tickets here

Monday 28th: Auckland, NZ @ Laneway Festival
Tickets from buy tickets here

EARTHLESS (San Diego, USA) return to Australia, Dec, 2012

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Heathen Skulls and Tym Guitars & Records presents EARTHLESS
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It’s official, Southern California’s psychedelic high priests EARTHLESS are finally returning to the promised Land!
After a two year absence from this golden land Australia, North America’s finest are venturing South of the equator once again and giving us what we all need, what we’ve all been asking for, a blast of no holds bared, old school heavy psych!

Landing on planet Earth in 2001, and residing in the dusty dunes of San Diego, Earthless are a kick ass power trio consisting of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell (also a member of Howling Rain), bassist Mike Eginton (owner of Thirst Moon records), and drummer & ex-pro skater Mario Rubalcaba (also a member of Hot Snakes and OFF!).
Since their first release, Sonic Prayer (2005, Gravity records), Earthless have been blowing minds all over the cosmos, with their sophomore album, Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (2007, Tee Pee records), it was abundantly clear that Earthless were a non-stop sonic force to reckoned with, a World Class rock n roll band that had something vital to say, sonically speaking of course.

I say this with the upmost confidence, and that being, in this day and age, there’s very few bands that can honestly pay tribute to the influences they wear on their sleeves and deliver technically as a kick ass live band, and that be the truth. Far too many bands fall by the way side of being a parody of who they think they are, or want to be, which they aren’t.
Thankfully Earthless aren’t one of those bands, they’re the real deal, and they’re fans know it!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Earthless, they essentially a high energy rock n roll band that pay honest to god homage to the masters of 60’s and 70’s psych, prog, and kraut rock like Can, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Black Sabbath, with the kind of confidence that leaves all the witness them live in oar.

This December, EARTHLESS will be returning to Australia!
Starting off at Meredith Music Festival, Earthless will be hitting every major City Nationally!
Do your self a favor, surrender to Earthless and succumb to the powers that be, see them live!!!
AUSTRALIAN TOUR – December, 2012
Please see ticketing details below, supports TBA very soon!
Friday 7th: Meredith Festival (Victoria / 7:00pm – 7:50pm) – Tickets SOLD OUT!

Sunday 9th: Adelaide @ Fowlers Live
buy tickets here
Tickets – On sale Friday 21st of September

Tuesday 11th: Canberra @ ANU Bar
buy tickets here
Tickets – On sale Friday 21st of September

Thursday 13th: Brisbane @ The ZOO
buy tickets here
Tickets – On sale Friday 21st of September

Friday 14th: Sydney @ Annandale Hotel
buy tickets here
Tickets – On sale Friday 21st of September

Saturday 15th: Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club
buy tickets here
Tickets – ON SALE NOW

Sunday 16th: Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club
buy tickets here
Tickets – ON SALE NOW

EYEHATEGOD (New Orleans / USA) first EVER Aussie tour!

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New Orleans crushing lords of Southern Sludge Doom are coming your way, NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!
TICKETS – NOW ON SALE (be quick – selling fast)
See venues / outlets below, or visit HEATHEN SKULLS Facebook
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Wednesday 21st: Brisbane @ The Zoo
w/ The Fevered & Shackles
Doors: 7:30pm
Tickets from buy tickets here

Thursday 22nd: Sydney @ Manning Bar
w/ I EXIST + special guests
Doors: 8:00pm
Tickets from buy tickets here

Friday 23rd: Canberra @ ANU Bar
w/ I EXIST & Law of the Tongue
Doors: 8:00pm
Tickets from buy tickets here

Saturday 24th: Melbourne @ Billboards the Venue
w/ I EXIST + special guests
DOORS: This is an EARLY SHOW 5:00pm – 9:00m (EHG on from 7:00 – 9:00)
Tickets from buy tickets here

Sunday 25th: Melbourne@ Cherry Festival
(at Cherry Bar, down AC/DC Lane)
w/ I EXIST, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Dern Rutlidge, Henry Wagons, River of Snakes, Frankenbok + many more
Tickets from buy tickets here
EHG TOUR – FACEBOOK EVENTS PAGE: click here and join the party!
Hailing from what the band openly refers to as, the new Vietnam; Eyehategod descended upon New Orleans in 1988, they’ve since become one of the most highly regarded early pioneers of the sludge and doom metal genre.
In their 23 years Eyehategod have created a landmark legacy that’s influenced a whole generation of aspiring doom warriors, whilst creating an undisputed cult like following that has placed them in the high leagues of such legendary sludge and doom artists like Neurosis, St Vitus, The Obsessed, The Melvins, and Kyuss.
Hailed by critics, hated by the law, and worshipped by their fans, Eyehategod are as real as any band can possible get, with out dying for their art.
Eyehategod are a no holds bared, totally uncompromising, all out assault on the senses.

With 4 studio albums to their name, their last being “Confederacy of broken Lives” (released in 2000), Eyehategod went on hiatus in the early 2000’s around the time that Jimmy Bower’s commitments to DOWN took precedent, after which time all the remaining members of Eyehaegod, minus Jimmy, formed Outlaw Order, a like minded side project of sorts that captured a similar level of intensity and sonic annihilation.

In 2012 Eyehategod released their first new recordings in almost 12 years, the first release being a single aptly titled “New Orleans is the new Vietnam”.

In November Eyehategod will be making their maiden voyage south of the equator, they’ll be headlining the very first Cherry Festival, together with headlining shows in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group return to Aus, Nov/Dec

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Omar Rogriguez Lopez

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Friday 23rd: Adelaide @ Fowlers Live
Tickets: buy tickets here

Saturday 24th: Perth @ The Rosemount
Tickets: buy tickets here

Sunday 25th: Cherry Rock – tickets selling fast!
Tickets (selling FAST): buy tickets here

Tuesday 27th: Wellington, NZ @ San Francisco Bath House – tickets selling fast!
Tickets: buy tickets here

Wednesday 28th: Auckland, NZ @ The Kings Arms Tavern – tickets selling fast!
Tickets: buy tickets here

Thursday 29th: Brisbane @ The ZOO
Tickets: buy tickets here

Friday 30th: Byron Bay @ Great Northern
Tickets: buy tickets here

Saturday 1st: Sydney @ Hi Fi Bar – tickets selling fast!
Tickets: buy tickets here

Sunday 2nd: Melbourne @ Corner Hotel – tickets selling fast!
Tickets: buy tickets here

After selling out his last Australian tour, Omar and his band return!
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group (featuring members of The Mars Volta, At The Drive In, and Le Butcherettes)

Like our own homegrown Nick Cave before him, Omar Rodriguez Lopez is a World-renowned artist whose talents go far beyond the musical landscape he’s widely celebrated for.

Coming to prominence in the early 90’s, Omar made his mark as a guitarist in the ground break post-hardcore band At The Drive In.
In the early 2000’s he cemented his name as a music force as guitarist and producer in the Grammy Award winning progressive psych/kraut rock influenced ensemble The Mars Volta.
Now in the 2010’s, Omar has established himself as a World Class solo artist that has something vital and relevant to say, sonically speaking.

In between all of his musical endeavors, Omar has been prolific as a label manager, actor, producer, and film director. He presently owns and runs his own music and film production company, aptly entitled, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Productions. In 2010 Omar directed his first feature length film “The Sentimental Engine Slayer”, which received rave reviews at Film Festivals all around the World.

This December Omar Rodriguez Lopez will be returning to Australia with his band playing headline performances in all major Cities, he’ll also be co-headlining the Cherry Rock festival in Melbourne.

Chelsea Wolfe (USA) & HEIRS, November Australian tour!

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Touring THIS WEEK, for the first time EVER – GET TICKETS NOW, selling FAST!
Chelsea Wolfe Australian tour poster

California native and Los Angeles based, Chelsea Wolfe has been creating doom-laden electric folk music since 2009. It was in that year she made her presence known as a singer/songwriter by touring Europe with a nomadic performance troupe playing music in various cathedrals, basements, galleries and old nuclear plants.
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Wednesday 7th: Brisbane @ The Zoo
Tickets: buy tickets here
Show event page, join up here

Thursday 8th: Sydney @ Oxford Arts Factory – TICKETS SELLING FAST!!!!!!
Tickets: buy tickets here
Show event page, join up here

Friday 9th: Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club – TICKETS SELLING FAST!!!!!!
Tickets: buy tickets here
Show event page, join up here

Saturday 10th: Adelaide @ Higher Ground
Tickets: buy tickets here
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Sunday 11th: Perth @ The Bakery
Tickets: buy tickets here
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Monday 12th: Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club – TICKETS SELLING FAST!!!!!!
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The tour has officially started – Tickets are selling FAST!
Eagle Twin play a headline show at Northcote Social Club (Melbourne) this Tuesday 2nd of Oct!

After unleashing their monumental sounds to packed houses across the country last year, experimental metal outfit RUSSIAN CIRCLES are back on our shores this September and are bringing Utah duo EAGLE TWIN along for the ride.

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, RUSSIAN CIRCLES have been making their mark on the international underground since 2004. Starting with their self tiled, self released debut EP, Russian Circles have gone onto critical acclaim by recording numerous singles and split releases, not to mention three full length albums. Their latest offering “Empros” is their fourth and heaviest album to date. Australian audiences, prepare your ears for a serious load of fresh and heavy discordant metal.

Although EAGLE TWIN is a new entity, its helmsman Gentry Densley is no stranger to innovative, heavy music. Densley was the musical visionary and leader of the legendary Jazz, Prog, Rock, Metal, Hardcore group Iceburn from 1991-2001. In order to disseminate his majestic and mountainous riffs in the present day, he enlisted massively behemoth skinsman Tyler Smith. The two have come together with a love of all things heavy. Its doom/blues/roots/rock backing a new mythology of epic, old testament proportions. This will be their second visit down under, the duo have a new album on the way also.

Heathen Skulls are proud to present Chicago’s RUSSIAN CIRCLES in their second showing on Australian soil with special guests, EAGLE TWIN. They tour nationally this September through to October, see venues for more details.


Wednesday 26th Sept – The Kings Arms, Auckland w/ Robin

buy tickets here

Thursday 27th Sept – San Francisco Bath House, Wellington w/ Robin

buy tickets here

Friday 28th Sept – Corner Hotel, Melb w/ Agonhymn + The Broderick – TIX SELLING FAST!!!!!!

buy tickets here

Saturday 29th Sept – Fowlers Live, Adelaide w/ Hydromedusa + Sleepmakeswaves

buy tickets here

Sunday 30th Sept – The Bakery, Perth w/ Drowning Horse

buy tickets here

Tuesday 2nd Oct – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne w/ HWCT + Clagg

buy tickets here

Thursday 4th Oct – ANU Bar, Canberra w/ I Exist

buy tickets here

Friday 5th Oct – The Zoo, Brisbane w/ LO!

buy tickets here

Saturday 6th Oct – Hi Fi Bar, Sydney w/ I Exist & LO! – TICKETS SELLING FAST!!!!!!!

buy tickets here

RUSSIAN CIRCLES media links:

Harper Lewis (2007)
309 (2011)
Young Bloods (2011)

EARTH – Sept NZ/Australian tour – Starts this week!

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Heathen Skulls are proud to present Seattle drone doom outfit EARTH in their very first performances on our shores this September.

Earth formed in 1990 and led by guitarist Dylan Carlson. Mostly instrumental, their early work grew out of the Seattle area grunge scene and is recognized as pioneering the genre of drone doom — an experimental offshoot of doom metal, characterised by droning, minimalist, lengthy and repetitive structures.

Their early albums could be seen as a variation of the experimental doom-influenced metal of The Melvins. They now feature a markedly different sound, slow-paced and lengthy featuring strong elements of country music and jazz and the addition of a drummer.

Released earlier this year, “Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II” is ultimately a completely unanticipated direction for Earth, and a very welcome one at that. Well respected by their musical peers, Earth were invited by Portishead to be apart of their curated ATP festival in 2011 and were subsequently asked to perform at ATP 2012, curated by Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel).

Earth are heartfelt, haunting and deliver slow moving music that stretches into other worlds. Don’t miss your chance to see them in their first Australian tour this September. Special guests to be announced.

TOUR DATES: New Zealand & Australia – September, 2012

Friday 7th Sept – San Francisco Bath House, Wellington w/ The Body Lyre

buy tickets here

Saturday 8th Sept – The Kings Arms, Auckland w/ special guests

buy tickets here

Sunday 9th Sept – The Zoo, Brisbane w/ Bonnie Mercer
(Dylan Carlson’s live in store @ Tym Guitars, starts at 3:00pm – FREE entry)

buy tickets here

Sunday 12th Sept – Toff in Town, Melbourne w/ Marco Fusinato

buy tickets here

Thursday 13th Sept – Hi Fi, Sydney w/ Bonnie Mercer

buy tickets here

Friday 14th Sept – Fowlers Live, Adelaide w/ The Burning Sea

buy tickets here

Saturday 15th Sept – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth w/ Margins

buy tickets here

Sunday 16th Sept – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne w/ Bonnie Mercer + Margins

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Nasum 20th Anniversary/Farewell tour!

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with special guests:

Legendary Swedish grindcore band NASUM head to our shores for the first – and only – time this August as part of their world tour to celebrate their 20th Anniversary and final farewell. This is it…never to happen again.

Nasum terrorized the underground with their unique and unmistakable blend of brutal musical madness from their inception in 1992. With 4 full length albums, countless 7”s, MCDs and a plethora of compilation appearances, Nasum were unstoppable and the undisputed kings of the grind scene until their untimely and tragic end.

Nasum parted ways after their vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk tragically passed away in Thailand during the tsunami of 2004. After long deliberation and scrutiny they decided to reunite and do a handful of shows around the world in 2012 to celebrate their 20th anniversary and say a final goodbye to the fans and Mieszko. No cheesy reunion, no new albums, no epitaph for Mieszko – just unruly celebrations.

To handle vocal duties on the upcoming shows they have asked Keijo Niinimaa, vocalist in Finnish grind favourites Rotten Sound. They were always close friends of Nasum, and while Keijo’s plagued screams won’t replace Mieszko, they will add a crippling viciousness to the shows.

Joining Nasum around the country as special guests are the Tasmanian extreme metal horde PSYCROPTIC on their first Australian tour since the release of their critically acclaimed new album “The Inherited Repression”.

Take note people: if you ever wanted to see Nasum blast shit to bits, this is your last and only chance. Ever. Psycroptic on the bill will only sweeten the deal. These shows are unmissable!

TOUR DATES: August, 2012

Wednesday 15th Aug – Amplifier, Perth
w/ Dyscarnate (UK) + special guests

buy tickets here

Thursday 16th Aug – Fowlers Live, Adelaide
w/ Psycroptic & Dyscarnate (UK)

buy tickets here

Friday 17th Aug – Hi Fi, Brisbane
w/ Psycroptic & Dyscarnate (UK), Captain Cleanoff

buy tickets here

Saturday 18th Aug – Hi Fi, Sydney
w/ Psycroptic, Dyscarnate (UK), Captain Clean Off

buy tickets here

Sunday 19th Aug – Hi Fi, Melbourne
w/ Psycroptic, Dyscarnate (UK), Captain Clean Off

buy tickets here

Tuesday 21st Aug – The Kings Arms, Auckland

buy tickets here

Nasum 2012 tour teaser
First show back
Nasum interview with Anders Jakobson
Nasum live 2003 (live in Hultsfred)

The Ocean (Germany/Switzerland) Australian tour!

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The Ocean (Germany/Switzerland) – Australian tour, May 2012

Founded back in 2000 by the forward thinking master of minds Robin Straps, The Ocean is a progressive musical collective based in Berlin (Germany) that strives on an open door policy of creative out put and diverse productivity. Over the past 12 years The Ocean have gone through countless line up changes, some 40 musicians have passed through their doors, all of which have contributed to the legacy that has become the legend of The Ocean.

With genre defying releases that weave between post hardcore, progressive rock, metal, doom, post rock, and ambient experimentations, it’s next to impossible to label The Ocean to one specific genre. With every release comes a new progression in sound, and usually a slight variation to the bands line up.

With their debut album Fluxion released on the prestigious Spanish label Throne Records, which gained them critically acclaim amongst hardcore and metal fans, The Ocean made a career defining move with their 2nd album Aeolian by signing with the ground breaking Los Angeles based extreme metal label Metal Blade. With the assistance of Metal Blade and their global distribution and support, The Ocean was now in a position to reach a far greater audience on a broader scale. Conceptually The Ocean are light years ahead of most contemporary underground bands, their d.i.y approach to quality control both visually, sonically, and lyrically, has earned them a legion of hardcore fans all around the World. Much like their peers Neurosis, ISIS, Baroness and Cult of Luna, nothing has been compensated, nothing has been sparred, the quality of their artwork reflects the music they create and both are complimentary to each other. With The Ocean, much like the bands mentioned above, you get the full package.

For the first time ever, The Ocean are finally gracing Australian shores, this May they’ll be taking their cosmic progressive metal all major Cities Australian wide.








Tickets on sale as of Friday 13th of April


w/ Daggers Mid Flight + The Ocean side projects + DJ sets

Tickets: Collectors Corner and www.totehotel.com.au


Tickets: www.moshtix.com.au


w/ special guests TBA

Tickets: www.oztix.com.au


w/ LO! (Sydney)

Door sales only


w/ LO! (Sydney)



w/ Nuclear Summer, Dead Letter Opener, and LO! (Sydney)

Tickets: www.oztix.com.au


The Ocean side projects + DJ sets

w/ Nuclear Summer + special guests


w/ LO! (Sydney)

Tickets: www.moshtix.com.au


w/ special guests TBA

Tickets: www.heatseeker.com.au

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