Audible Delusions Ensemble

Audible Delusions Ensemble
Heathen Skulls Releases:Winters Weapon

Audible Delusions Ensemble is an improvisational music collective organized by Steve Touchston of Oakland, California, via Mobile, Alabama. It serves to bring together different combinations of his favorite contemporary players for recording sessions of pieces based on everything from composed scores to verbal instructions to total free playing. AudibleDelusionsEnsemble will hopefully illuminate the much too often overlooked thread which connects different schools of music such as noise, free jazz, punk, hardcore, electronica, process music, and various other anarchic avant-garde forms.

“Winter’s Weapons” is a document of some of the cuts from the first recording session, which took place in December of 2006. The players were Jorge Behringer (Caroliner, Core of the Coalman), Robert MacManus (Grey Daturas), Matthew Grothman (Vholtz, Woman’s Worth), Yasi Perera (Breezy Days Band, Syrinx), and of course Steve Touchston (xbxrx, snowsuit*, Kit). Percussion, guitar, piano, viola, saxophone, synthesizer, processed vocals, and various electronics abound. With the exception of “People’s Park”, no tracks on this album contain any overdubs or post-production trickery beyond basic mixing methods like compression and EQ.

The future holds a multitude of live performances and recorded releases from this group. Many more players can be expected to participate at different points in time. Live performances are set to begin October 2007.

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