Blarke Bayer / Black Widow

Blarke Bayer / Black Widow is the musical collaborative between Robert MacManus (ex-Grey Daturas / Monarch!) and Ben Andrews (My Disco, Agents of Abhorrence).

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Blarke Bayer // Black Widow rose from a winter grave in 2006 as a means to explore a more experimental landscape. Through the course of some memorable live shows and well documented recordings, Blarke Bayer // Black Widow have risen above the side project tag to become a musical force all to their own.

Blarke Bayer // Black Widow as a project name is a combination of both artists respected solo performance names, Ben Andrews being Blarke Bayer and Robert MacManus Black Widow. As apposed to branding the project with some random name with no significant, they felt the combination both names gave a clearer perspective of where they’re at sonically, what each artist was capable of, and would bring to the table.

Since their inception, Blarke Bayer // Black Widow have released two full length CD albums (Arctic Blast & I.B Presents) and a self titled 7″, with a 3rd album in the can ready for release.

Over the last few years Blarke // Widow have managed to share stages and the road with the likes of Dead Meadow, Om, Lichens, Lightning Bolt, Black Cobra, Earthless, Monarch, Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and countless other well respected artists.

Blarke Bayer is Ben Andrews: Guitarist and electronics

Black Widow is Robert MacManus: Drums and percussionist

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