Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo

Brian Chase and Seth Misterka are a sax / drums duo based out of Brooklyn, New York.  Living and working in a community steeped in eclecticism where genres and contradictory styles exist side by side, the music of the Misterka/Chase duo is dedicated to finding the middle road between the accessible and experimental.  The composition of the material on this recording is improvised and performed with an emphasis on clarity, lyricism, and easiness.  Motifs unfurl gradually with nudges that could easily push them in one direction as another with the joy of where they are at the moment always paramount.  Trace the thread of the themes as they slowly wind their way through memory and free-associaitons.  Hypnotic textures swirl and kaleidoscopic patterns form, the music becoming alternately cool and abstract, melodic and mind-expanding.  It is a Mystical, Minimal Music. The New Ambient Cool Free Jazz.

The tracks on this disc are taken from a series of improvisations recorded at Seth’s loft in February of 2005.

Brian Chase, a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, is an active performer and composer on the New York / Brooklyn scene.  He is best known for his work with the acclaimed rock-group Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Some of his favorite recent collaborations include performances and recordings with Matt Welch, Mary Halvorson, and Peter Evans.   He also writes and performs with minimalist rock band, the Seconds.  He is a former student of Susie Ibarra.

Seth Misterka began playing music as a member of jazz legend Anthony Braxton’s Ghost Trance Ensemble.  He has played with numerous avant rock and jazz groups, ran the newsonic record label, and toured around the globe.  He’s currently a member of pop-group The Sexy Champions and is running for U.S. President on a Pro-Marijuana/Peace Platform. .

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