Heathen Skulls Releases:

Since there inception just a few short years ago in Melbourne, Embers have been building momentum whilst blasting the eyes and ears of all those that have witnessed them, they’re opened for some of the most extreme bands around, Agents of Abhorrence, Wolf Eyes and Grey Daturas being just three of them.

What do they sound like?
In there own words let me just that Embers are a brutal free jazz / grind-noise quartet from Melbourne, Australia that freely improvise jazz-noise with echoes of blasting grind and heavy, free rock.

The group comprises of Bucketrider members, Adam Simmons (various saxophones), Dave Brown (electric microtonal bass, Dave once filled in on Bass for AC/DC) and Sean Baxter (drum kit and junk) & Globe Unity Orchestra (Which featured Peter Brotzman) alumni, Kris Wanders (tenor saxophone).

After years of fine-tuning there take of extreme noise and free jazz Embers have finally unleashed their debut album, released on Heathen Skulls, the CD is entitled “Slag Welter” and it features 8 tracks of some seriously fierce grinding noise jazz.

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