Commonly known as Turbojugend Bayonne, female fronted French funeral doom lords Monarch rose from a desecrated grave on a cold winters night in 2002 to create a fierce blend of blackened doom and gut wrenching sludge metal.

After recording there debut album in 2003, which never saw the light of day as it was deemed “not slow enough”, Monarch hit the road for their first Europe tour and encounter what could only be described as a less than receptive audience response. 
 Monarch’s noise drenched funeral sludge caused many punters to shower them in cigarette butts and empty beer bottles.

Rather than calling it a day, Monarch turned negativity into solidarity when in 2005 they recorded their “Proper” debut album, this being the appropriately titled album ‘666’, a double disc of epic proportions. 
This official release marked the birth of Monarch, as we know them.

Since their debut release, Monarch have gone onto record the monumental albums Mere Mort and Sabbat Noir, various EP’s and split releases with the like of Elysium and Grey Daturas, and two separate 12” LP’s. These two LP’s have been re-issued as a double CD entitled ‘Dead Mean Tell No Tales’.

Monarch have toured Europe and Australia numerous times over, not to mention touring Japan and the US, they’ve shared stages with the likes of Boris, Wolves in the Throne Room, Unearthly Trance, Eagle Twin, Kylesa, Dark Castle and played a number of prestigious festivals like Super Sonic and Roadburn. Through the course of these tours and the above mentioned releases Monarch have build up a cult like legion of fans that have refrained from showering them any further abuse.

Monarch’s current line up consists of original founding members Emilie Bresson (France / Vocals and effects), MicHell Bidegain (France / Bass) and Shiran Kaïdine (France / Guitar), with new session musician Rob Shaffer (St. Augustine, USA / Drums / Dark Castle & YOB).

On 17th of June, 2011, Robert MacManus amicable handed in his resignation as an active live / recording member of Monarch.  His reasons for leaving was for personal reasons.

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